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7 Parts to How we build our custom proposals

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When we are looking to partner with our clients, we always send them a thorough well thought out and customized proposal. This is our opportunity to put our best foot forward and show what we’ve got. From a business owner perspective, when our potential clients receive a proposal they should feel safe and understand exactly what their investment is going towards.

Here’s what a proposal could include for you and your business:

 No. 1 : Introduce the team

We’ll show everyone we’re pulling onto the roster for your project, what their roll will be and any background related to your industry.

 No. 2 : Showcase our skills

Chances are, if we’re talking – you’ve already seen our capabilities and work. When we build out your proposal we will try and find a specific project we worked on that aligns in one way or another more closely to you. This could be in the problem that the previous client was looking to solve, the industry they’re in or the size of business/scope.

 No. 3 : The shout outs

According to, online review statistics show that 95% of consumers read reviews before they buy a product or service, while 67% say they wouldn’t trust a high rating unless it comes with many reviews. Other portfolios may look good, but how was the experience working the team, and were there any results? We know nothing speaks louder than our happy clients raving about their success and experience after working with us.

 No. 4 : The scope of work

This section will outline what we are proposing to do for you and your project. It will typically have a list of deliverables that we’ve already talked through or what we thing will be needed to create a successful project. Our scope of work will also include how may options you will see of each assignment, as well as how many rounds of revisions are included.

 No. 5 : Add on items

Sometimes we’ll add on optional items that may be outside of what we discussed or what you asked for but we think would bring some serious benefits to your brand or project. These could be something as big as a video shoot, to a launch pack of social media items. Having this add on section also allows us to keep the base package at minimum price while leaving room to add items on as your business grows.

 No. 6 : Payment details

Surprisingly, a lot of clients assume when hiring for a creative project that they have to pay everything up front, which has often put them off reaching out to the right creative team. We offer various payment methods depending on the term of the project, if it partnership is a retainer model, or how big the scope of work is. The payment details portion will be outlined specifically for you, and usually are pretty flexible.

 No. 7 : FAQs

The last segment we include before signing off is an FAQ section to help clarify some questions that may come up as you read the scope as well as provide as much transparency as possible as we build our relationship. Of course you should always feel welcome to ask additional questions after reviewing your proposals.

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