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what We did:


Aion is the first in it's category to create Wearable Resistance™.  With proprietary Dynamic Resistance ™ and Passive Resistance ™ technology, they created vests and tools that optimize mind, body and spirit.

Aion came to us as they were in the middle of production and less than 6  months out from launching their products live. We started with defining the brand, creating a thorough brand guides document including new language to help define the details.  As we were streamlining that, we were building out specialized decks for the founder and members to pitch the product and brand to potential future partners. 

In less than four months,  we had planned and executed a two day photo and video shoot  while also custom designing and developing a fully functional Shopify site. 

INTRODUCING Wearable Resistance™

the brand

Aion was born from the experience of serial entrepreneur and bestselling motivational author Brent Yates. After facing rock-bottom he was determined to change his life. Surrounded by exceptional mentors, he found answers in faith and wellness and found his calling - to help and inspire others to make it through and become the best versions of themselves.

Aion is designed to challenge your mind, body and spirit, helping you build the strength that transforms your life. Aion believes that nothing is impossible, and creates physical and mental tools to push you beyond barriers and help you become incrementally better each and every day.

Starting with resistance vests, Aion created both functional and lifestyle vests that can be worn inside the gym for an extra effective workout, or throughout the day to day, reminding you to stay present and make conscious decisions. 


the CREATOR / CAREGIVER archetypeS & how THEY translate

The Creator archetype embodies the relentless pursuit of innovation. Driven by an urge to make something innovative and of lasting significance, Creators channel their talents and experiences to give form to their visions. Fueled by a need to revolutionize the fitness and wellness industry, as well as guide others, Brent embarked on a journey to develop an innovative product.  Brent's creation, the first of its kind on the market, not only sets new standards for wellness but also empowers individuals to achieve their fitness goals with unprecedented precision and efficiency. 

The Caregiver archetype  might seem like a surprising choice for a bold fitness brand, but hear us out: A caregiver brand epitomizes compassion, empathy, and a deep-rooted commitment to supporting others. They prioritize giving back to their community and making a positive impact on the lives of others. Aion embodies the essence of the Caregiver archetype as it is dedicated to making a difference by intertwining philanthropy with its business model. With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds are matched and donated to charitable organizations that align with their mission of promoting wellness and personal development. Aion goes above and beyond by providing free wellness tools and resources to accompany each purchase, empowering individuals on their personal journey towards better health and well-being.


Everything came together so quickly and it looks great. We just launched, but we look like we've been around for years. 


"props to you guys. I can't believe we got a site LAUNCHED that FAST!"

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